SigmaBit Technology | Our Mission

Our mission guides and inspires us as it defines our core purpose and the contribution we aspire to make to society.

Our Values

Our values are the set of beliefs we share about how we will operate our business. They guide our priorities and are evident every day in the way we work, interact with each other, and treat our customers.

  • We respect each other. We value the diversity of experience, background, and culture that we each bring to the company. We approach every interaction believing we share a loyalty to the company and its success. We discuss issues, concerns, and suggestions reach a decision that focuses on improving processes rather than fixing people. We behave in a professional manner at all times, working diligently to communicate effectively.
  • We value our customers. We operate the company in an efficient, effective, and profitable manner—in the best interest of our customers and ourselves. We establish reasonable expectations through candid and honest communication with our customers. We work diligently to deliver quality products and services with the appropriate specifications, at the right price, on the agreed-upon schedule—every time.
  • We expect financial success. We are earnest about our obligations to financial objectives. We recognize that our employees, customers, and partners share the financial benefits of a well-managed business that achieves predictable growth and profitability, greater than the market.
  • We embrace change. We energetically adapt our products, services, practices, and processes to new opportunities and methods of doing business. We assure that changes in the market drive changes in the company.
  • We are dedicated to excellence. We are individually and collectively committed to exceptional performance. We plan, prepare, and execute in a manner that leads to extraordinary results.
  • We value education. We believe that education is a life-long process that contributes to productive citizenship. We strive to add quality and innovation to the learning process through our inspired solutions.
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