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SigmaBit Technology, Inc. (STI) is a technology driven company with over 20 years experience servicing schools (public, technical, and charter), school districts, and boards of education in the United States with their educational, accounting, and student administration solutions. SigmaBit Technology, Inc.’s flexible, scalable technologies grow with the needs of their customers, supporting multiple implementation scenarios and allow them to rapidly meet market requirements. Their technology provides consistency and reliability that is key to a cost-effective and successful implementation. By observing the way technology is being adopted by the educational industry and by continuously monitoring how that technology really works, they are able to offer the right technological innovations at the right time.

STI is a leading provider of solutions that are:

  • Accessible on-demand from any location
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to implement
  • Fully customizable to meet the need and size of your budget

From developing innovative products to providing premiere, customer centric customer support service, STI is dedicated to surpassing expectations in all aspects of our business.

ARSPECTICA™: Neural – Networks Based Electric Load Forecasting System

  • Uses an "Intelligent-Interactive" Module for Predicting "Abnormal Patterns"
  • Uses Advanced Neural Networks Engine for Predicting "Normal Patterns"
  • Historical and Forecasted Temperatures are Provided From Weather Stations, Averaged Optimally to Provide Needed Inputs to the Load Forecaster of a Major Zone
  • Can be Fully Integrated with the Customer’s System and Fully Automated to Run Every Hour or Time Interval
  • For STLF, Shown to Provide Forecast Accuracies in the 1% - 2% (Mean Absolute Percent Error, MAPE) Range
  • Owners of ARSPECTICA™ are contractors of Electrical Power Research Institute Worldwide (EPRIWW)
  • STLF solutions are used by Electric Power Companies, Electricity Trading Companies, Power Markets Service Providers, Regulating Bodies, Load Serving Entities, Distribution Companies, and Wind Farms